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Hideyuki Nagai.


The artist says he is inspired by English artist Julian Beever¿s street art, which he does in chalk on pavements

Japanese artist Nagai Hideyuki creates there realistic 3-D drawings just by using his pencils and sketchbooks

Hideyuki uses unusual angles to make drawings that pop off the page, like this seated gremlin

Hideyuki uses his lively imagination and tricks of perspective to create vivid imaginary characters

Nagai Hideyuki ponders one of his works with painstaking attention to detail

 The young Japanese artist can make objects really appear like they are reaching out of the page

A little monster pops out of Hideyuki's palm with a technique professionally called anamorphosis

This monster appears to be balancing a rubber at the end of his tongue as his gruesome head comes out of the paper

Clever uses of shadow mean that even the artist's most imaginative drawings still look realistic

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