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The Ancients Pyramids Around the World.

Inca Pyramids
Huallamarca, Peru
Huallamarca Pyramid
Huallamarca Pyramid - Courtesy of Luis Montero
Inca Pyramids in Peru
Peru is a spiritual land where pyramids can be found. The pyramids of Peru had the same functions as those found in other areas of the planet where once great civilizatons existed. Most were used as places of worship to the Gods having rituals (at various equinoxes and solstices) - and ceremonial rites of various kinds. Theories about the Pyramids in Peru place their creation in the same timeline as the Nazca Lines.
Many of these pyramids had flat tops looking much like those found in Mexico. Often they were built on a place where the Earth energies were high - specific grid points following the measurements of Sacred Geometry.
Pachacamac, Peru
Pachacamac Pyramid
Pachacamac Pyramid - Courtesy of Javier Delgado

Tecume, Peru
An eroded pyramid at Tucume - Courtesy of Northern Andes Expedition
Rumors of a vast hoard of gold prompted famous Norwegian scientist and explorer Thor Heyerdahl to investigate the area around Tucume in northern Peru. The result was the archaeological discovery of 26 pyramids. Forty tombs pre-dating the arrival of the Spaniards were opened, and enough Inca and Chimu artifacts unearthed to justify the building of a museum at Tucume. Four burial chambers in the 600 meter long Huaca Larga pyramid were excavated. Inside the burial chambers the bodies of 16 female weavers sacrificed to the gods. The area near Tucume consists of 26 massive pyramids which suggest a civilization that flourished in the now endless desert for perhaps more than 1,500 years.
Ruins of the huge compound of Huaca Grande at Tucume - Courtesy of Northern Andes Expedition
Purgatorio (purgatory) is the name by which local people refer to the dozens of prehispanic pyramids, enclosures and mounds found on the plain around La Raya Mountain, south of the La Leche River. This is the site of Tucume, covering an area of over 540 acres and encompassing 26 major pyramids and platforms.
Courtesy Robert Atwood
Deconstructing a Maya Pyramid
by Roger Atwood
September/October 2006
El Salvador rediscovers its past beneath a layer of concrete.
On the morning of October 18, 2004, after a drenching rain, caretakers entered the Maya site of Tazumal in western El Salvador and found what they thought was a catastrophe. Nearly an entire flank of one of the site's two main pyramids had collapsed. On the pyramid's south face, a sloping concrete wall erected in the 1950s and intended to resemble the structure's original contours, had loosened in the rain, slipped off, and lay in a heap of rubble. Where concrete had stood, the caretakers could now see only exposed mud.
Courtesy Robert Atwood
Mayan Pyramid
The Temple of Kukulcán, El Castillo, Chichen Itza
Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico
Mayan Pyramid
Teotihuacán City
San Juan Teotihuacán, Mexico
The massive Pyramid of the Sun at Teotihuacán near Mexico City.

Mayan Pyramid
Teotihuacán City
San Juan Teotihuacán, Mexico
Pyramid of the Moon from Pyramid of the Sun
Mayan Pyramids
Tikal, Guatemala
Mayan ruins in Tikal, Guatemala 2006 - Courtesy of Edward Baranowski

Tikal, Guatemala 1967
There are over 1000 Pyramids, many unrestored at Tikal, Guatemala. Tikal Park covers over 220 square miles. The Mayan's occupied this area from about 600BC to 900 AD.
Tikal, Guatemala
Tikal, Guatemala
El Mundo Perdido, Tikal, Guatemala - Image © 2005 J. H. Huebert
Mayan Pyramids
Palenque, Chiapas, Mexico
Mayan ruins at Palenque, Chiapas, Mexico- Courtesy of Peter Andersen
Mayan Pyramid of Pacal Votan, Palenque, Chiapas, Mexico
Courtesy of Martin Gray, National Geographic

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